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Morrison Berkshire, Inc.
865 S. Church St.
P.O. Box 958
North Adams, MA 01247-0958
Phone: 413-663-6501
Fax: 413-663-6522

Morrison has the manufacturing expertise and design knowledge to offer you PMC finishing machine and needle loom retrofits.  Whether you are relocating existing machinery, widening, adding or modifying a process, Morrison can help.  We have supplied additional components and systems for our OEM machinery as well as onto competitive machinery such as Thune, Kvaerner or Jager.  Contact us when you are considering:

  • Adding a Hot Oil Roll for twin roll processing
  • Stretch Cart with rack and pinion drive
  • Cantilevering systems or change of machine hand
  • Press Roll systems (6, 9 or 12 o’clock)
  • Kiss or Dip Roll Applicators
  • High Speed Sanding
  • Vacuum Nozzles and tubes

Recent projects include:

  • Retrofitting a 10m Morrison finishing machine for a second hot oil roll that elevates from the pit to operate between the cantilever beams where an oven previously existed.
  • Increase of press roll force for existing machine.
  • Addition of full bridge stretch cart and cantilevering equipment to a 13m Kvaerner table.  Includes new high speed sanding and service cart with press system. 
  • Replacement Hot Oil Roll
  • Specialty 5m Finishing Machine for engineered fabrics.

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14m Finishing Range

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6 O'Clock Press Roll System

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9m Service Cart

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